Visions & goals – Part 1


To build a Viking town – and live in it – and teach the world the meaning of a simple and happy life – with struggles, obstacles, purpose & meaning. Teaching by the old Chinese rule of: You hear and you forget, you see and you remember, you take part and understand.

The meaning is not the goal, but the journey!

It need to be true, authentic but not silly, and rule no 1, 2 and 3 : maintenance x 3

So, what did a Viking town look like in Viking time? Under here you see two cities who had more than a 1000 inhabitants. Haithabu was in Denmark and probably the largest merchant city in the north of Europe. Trade, and production of trade goods, was the only activity in a town or city.


Haithabu/Hedeby (by Schleswig, Germany) over, and Birka (by Stockholm, Sweden) under.

Music by Wardruna

A town or city seemed always to be initiated and owned by a king in need of goods. The kings farm would be in safe distance from the town. Probably because most people there were common, poor and dirty :-). And of course there would be lots of pirates coming to town to trade slaves and loot. The king wouldn’t want them too close.


(Over) Arkikon animation of the kings farm at Tissø, Denmark (click photo)

handelSTORTA vision of Gudvangen by Anders Kvåle Rue, and another by Ragnar Børset:


And now, after 21 years, a final plan has raised! Drawn, and to be built, by my friend Steen Bjerg, who built the long house and other buildings at Ribe Viking Centre!

And here it is:


And this will be my house, the chieftains house, ready before Christmas 2016:


This is the entrance, seen from the seafront:


And in the back the seremony house finished 2018-19


And today, the 8th of November 2016, the final building permit arrived! So, by 1st of May 2017 the first 17 buildings should open in NJARDARHEIMR – the home given to his people by Njord!

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  1. Carl Henrik Lampe · November 3, 2020

    Hei, så du oppfordret til å legge igjen en kommentar. Nå har du sovet et par år i alkoven, hvordan er det å bo i en viking landsby? TUNE VIKING har en samling på Litteraturhuset i Oslo torsdag 26. november, klokken 18.30 til 20.00. Inngang gratis og påmelding til Som du vet vil jeg bygge midt i Oslo sentrum, derfor skal jeg i dag lytte og se på sendinger fra Oslo kommune online. Ha en fin dag!

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