Think BIG

When I presented my idea of the Viking town in Gudvangen in the early 2000 to our mayor as he visited – we walked around the area – he said: Why do you have to think so big? If you down-scale your vision a bit, to a couple of houses, or a farm, I am sure we (the council) can help with land and economy. But your plans are so ambitious!

I told him I was sorry, but it had to be a town. Scandinavia already had plenty of Viking houses and farms. And I just could’nt grasp the idea of thinking “smaller”.

Today Njardarheimr has 19 historic buildings plus a large administration building with offices, storages, a volunteer building, a large souvenir shop and a restaurant. Plus we have Heidrun our modern heated hall. We can feed about 300 people inside.

Totally it has cost about €5 mill.

As you can see, if you’re here; there are still 2 buildings missing. If you know someone who might like to be part of this project, tell them they can by investing in our great hall, or the religious building on the top. Wether it’s going to contain the old or the new religion is still not decided.

I am getting older, but I am thinking of a new idea. It is BIG-ger. I will get back to that soon’ish.

But my point is: THINK BIG!