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Fotograf: Gro Jarto

Vera Henriksen Fotograf: Gro Jarto


My mentors, and heroes, since 1995 – author of 50 viking novels and history books Vera Henriksen (top) and Arne Emil Christensen, marine archeologist and previous director of the Viking ship museum in Oslo. He was removed from his job because of his fight to stop the insane thought of moving the ships in to the centre of Oslo! The director of the museums Egil Michelsen denies this, but I was there. I heared it!

Not many have their knowledge and wisdom! 

With film director (Faintheart) Vito Rocco, who was the first to win a prize from Myspace to make an evening feature film about reenacting. Very entertaining! When it was presented at the City Screen of York during the Jorvik Viking Festival 2010 he told the audience that “without the help of Georg Hansen this project might not have been possible”. That was an unexpected honour! I only spread the news around the net. To the right the archeologict Richard Hall from York Archeological Trust, who in the eighties excavated Coppergate, York (which resulted in the Jorvik Viking Centre). Sadly he passed in 2011. He was a lovely man to have known! Photos by me.

Top left Julian Davidson from Globe Trekker who invited me to be part of the famous program series “The Great Railway Journeys of Europe“. This time focused on the Viking journeys vsv the train journey across Norway from Oslo to Bergen by Flåm. Then Laila Kvellestad host of the historic treasure Otternes Farm Anno 1700 and Einar Selvik from Wardruna on a promotion photo shoot for their concert at Otternes in 2014. Then Einar and me at Borre Viking Market. I will share more about Einar and Wardruna in another post. Then Henriette Bruusgaard, host to the TV-series “Alt for Norge” where I was hosting ten American reality show part takers for a week in 2009. Then Ian Wright, the host of Globe Trekker. We were discussing a possible journey in the footsteps of the Vikings. Then from Ted Turners visit with his family to Gudvangen in 2009. Then the lovely Norwegian singer Helene Bøksle visiting G after bicycling with TV2 across the Hardanger Mountain. Then with the lovely director of the Dublinia Viking Museum in Dublin, Sheila Dooley when I reenacted the Viking king of Dublin Olaf The White in 2013. Then with the Viking king of Foteviken, Sweden Björn Jacobsen. Then with the Jorvik director in BBC2 studio in York and finally director of Fjord Norway Kristian Jørgensen presenting Norway as a Viking Nation at a travel conference in Bergen in 2014, in my clothes. Photos by friends.

Helene Bøksle sings the song Bifröst from the film “Birkebeinerne” (The Birch legs)