Visions & goals – Part 2

To be a collector of real Vikingships

As a Viking chieftain one has a yearn for the possibility of leaving home. You want to travel to extend your network, to get insight and knowledge, to spread your vision. I have had the option of going in a car, on a plane or by train. Back in time we had horses ♥, and SHIPS! We’ll get back to the horse.

The mark of the Viking age was ship building. Extreme vessels the world had never seen. Big ships that could transport great armies across open sea, unto beaches and up rivers.

Watching the TV-series “Vikings” taught us that the first thought in a great Viking chieftains mind is: “How can I get a ship?” By finding a ship builder.

In 2004 I was fortunate enough to do just that. Hans Breivoll from Gjøvik had built a Viking ship before. And he was part of my people. I asked him humbly, as you must with a ship builder. But you always know that, as long as the ship builder isn’t busy building a ship, he is never hard to ask. Hans built my first Viking boat over the summers of 2004-5. It was reall enough built for our project and Viking group. But as the chieftain I stick to the right of calling it mine. Beautiful Njardar was launched first of October 2005 and it was such a great day!


I got seven years by the steering oar. It was such lovely years! But in 2012 she was left on shore and I suddenly didn’t have the right to care for her. I was heartbroken. Now others have taken over and she might never again feel the salt water under her kiel. I do miss her SO much!

I never felt so relaxed as when I was onboard that boat, even though I am no sailor – yet!

This is not a “beautiful” video, but it gives a glimpse of the joy of rowing your own ship!

In 2010 I got my second ship “Rond” from a project in the east – but she needed repairs and at this moment I didn’t have a boat builder. Built in Bjørkedalen on Sunnmøre 12 years earlier. She suffered the same destiny in 2012 and are now on display in the middle of our camp. I never got to get as close to her, but beautiful she is!


I have a dream! Not of a new ship, but of a whole fleet. I still got time. And I have found a new boat builder. First I need a merchant ship, because I am first of all a trader, not a warrior. I have warriors to fight my fights (will get back to that). My merchant ship is a small beautiful Knarr. First built in Sogn, maybe Aurland, around 1000 ad. Found in Roskilde fjord, Denmark. She has been rebuilt four times and her daughters have sailed around the planet. She will be named after one of Ægir’s daughters. When she is born you will know her name. Here are some photos of her sisters (Saga Siglar, Borgundknarren and Ottar):

My boat builders, and my mentor on Viking authenticity and ship building:

Hans Breivoll RIP, my new ship builder and Arne Emil Christensen (Master and menthor)

Now – all I need is the money 🙂

Then, the story goes on, and the plan and the visions are clear!

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