Some glimpses of “fame”…

In 2014 Varg Vikarens was arrested in France. That day was the national business newspaper in Gudvangen to write an article about our Viking Market. The angle was altered to be a question of how the modern Vikings in Norway saw the Neo nazi’s and those who hid their political meanings behind an image of being part of the Nordic inheritance. But that inheritance is one of understanding and acceptanse in our group. This is the article which only can be read by those who understand Scandinavian. Sorry!

DagensNæringsliv om Viking

This article on the other hand is in english. From an article done at our market a few years ago and rereleased in the magazine who is behind every seat in American inland flights.


Read the original article from Huffington Post here.

This is a forgotten video made by Travel Channel in Spain a few years ago.

The photo underneath is a link to the Innovation Norway article.


I am sorry, but I think they could have done a better job clipping this, but I it will get me out there after all 🙂 This was released by Innovation Norway end of March 2016.

A couple of articles (in Norwegian unfortunately) out of hundred:

Fylkesmagasinet Sogn & Fjordane

Nationen October 2015

Aftenposten (link) Siste del av artikkelen.

More to come…